Handmade clothing with recycled materials

Fashion and sustainability

ME began in Lanzarote in 2012 with a need to face all those full, unsustainable wardrobes.

My goal was to make clothes by reusing those I already had; to prove that there is no need to keep buying new clothes every single season.

A sustainable lifestyle in line with the philosophy of the brand.

The ME Upcycling Project collects used clothing and transforms it into new ethical garments, creating a circular economy, and supporting the Clean Clothes Campaign.

The idea comes from offering an alternative proposal to current fashion, with hand-made pieces, promoting slow fashion and avoiding seasonal fashions.

Faced with “fast fashion” and the destructive productive environment it requires, we propose a lifestyle based on a vision of fashion opposed to fleeting and expensive seasons to which we are subjected by large firms.

We believe in the ongoing development of “slow fashion” producing ethical garments, establishing a circular economy that truly cherishes and enables the future equilibrium of our environment, and thus of our lives. A new aesthetic that, being alternative and respectful, also explores the much needed fusion between comfort and beauty.

Because, paradoxically, now it is about not giving up anything to have everything.