Handmade clothing with recycled materials

Project Sew and Tell

In the past, the identity and the emotional and functional value of a textile piece were three threads that were inextricably braided together. Whether due to scarcity of resources or to simply living a life that at that time was not defined by the imperative to spend for the mere act of spending, the importance of clothes in people’s lives was different. The closeness of the production process, often inside the home and, if so, almost always by a member of the family, was an integral aspect of the clothing of the past. The care you would take upon receiving some patched trousers, a darned stocking or a new warm scarf to pass the cold moments, was the typical way to bond with the garment. In this sense, the relationship between the outfit and the wearer was, in a certain way, the history of the garment’s owner.
Project Sew and Tell consists precisely of exploring this dialectic, this intimate bond between person and article of clothing. Sewing stories seeks to delve into the very identity that a garment, with its textures, its colors and its limits, offers to the wearer. As if each stitch were a word, we seek to re-create a narrative of our own within the practice of sewing. Here, the dance of the needle is the passage of time in one’s life, and the piercings of the textiles of a garment are the life-experiences that give us shape. And so, as the work progresses, a correlative story will emerge for a garment that is its soul and body.
To make a story from a hem and an enigma with the help of a knot, is a process where matter and word intersect, giving birth to a tale that extends and enriches our own world.