Handmade clothing with recycled materials

What life do we give clothes?

In a world overflowing with our own waste, where a two-year mobile phone is obsolete, and the appliances are programmed to last a while, always too short; in an Earth where the few animals that are left barely survive and where meat is made, as if the animals from which they come need not see the sunlight, or breathe out of the overcrowding to which we submit them, in a place like this, I say, insurgent voices are beginning to emerge, that rebel against the established order, an order that, as can easily be ascertained, only leads us to chaos; people who bet on another lifestyle, more respectful, more sustainable, committed to saving this planet, our wonderful and unique home …

From men and women who opt for vegan movements, including those who refuse to buy absolutely any food packaged in plastics, or even people, more and more numerous, who only use means of transport that respect the environment …

In the midst of all these dissidents, also and fortunately, a new fashion concept emerges. A new style that breaks all the molds because, yes, also in clothes, they have been encorseting us for centuries.

And it is there, in that revolutionary movement, where we find, not without astonishment, the new making of ME, in a kind commitment to the environment, giving a second, and even a third use, to the clothes that are discarded, thus recycling all the materials that he uses, creating his own style, with daring stitches, that breathe freedom, creativity, difference and respect in each one of them; where we can find from a beautiful skirts without gender, escaping once again stereotypes, giving a new life to a clothes that already lived another before, probably too short, as well as some wonderful fanny packs made, also, of the remains of jeans, carriers already of their own history, or a new and striking bandanas to collect hair as anyone wants and, at the same time, be able to protect from the sun.

Faced with such creations, which make a difference, we can only thank this beautiful initiative, because it allows us to believe in the goodness of the human being when he takes responsibility, is rooted with his feet on the Earth and his gaze in the sky. Because it is a beacon that illuminates us, not to mention in the dark, but in the gloom.
Because there is still hope